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Show Jumping

Here at Thandeka Stables, we have many trainers with vast knowledge of horse riding, We take on all ages from beginners, intermediate, and even top-level riders. Want to meet our trainers? Head on over to the about us page.

Here’s a step-by-step of how a show jumping competition works:

-Register For the Division You Want to Compete In
-Memorize Your Courses Ahead of Time
-Know When the Timer Begins
-Understand Faults and Eliminations
-Your Score Will Be Announced

What is the purpose of show jumping?

Show Jumping improves the agility and focus of both horse and rider. It utilizes physical skills to negotiate a series of obstacles, and mental skills to plan the proper lines and approaches to allow the horse to jump those obstacles. The jumps are colorful and of varying heights and widths.

Show Jumping is a very popular discipline in the horseback riding world.
There are many levels to compete at, from a local youth circuit up to the specific event in the Olympics.
Show Jumping requires finesse and skill from both the horse and rider in order to clear the jump course at the fastest time with the fewest amount of faults.