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Get To Know Our Coaches!

Meet Nikki

Hi all I am the owner of Thandeka Stables!
What a privilege to call this place my business and my home.
Thembani farm was bought as the new location for Thandeka Stables in Feb 2002 a mere 21hectres of bush consisting mainly of port Jackson!!
Together with incredible friends and a few very special clients and staff, we took on the impossible, clearing section by section of bush in the crazy summer temps!
Slowly 9 stables and 10 paddocks were built, no area or outride tracks done!
My clients who believed in me followed me in the April of 2002, no roof on stables, no arena to speak of, together, we made plans and raised money to really get going, this was by no means an easy task, Wayne lived here in a tent and I in a friends “converted garage”. The first buildings built was 2 Wendy houses for the grooms!
With no electricity, just a generator and a tap, we worked, showered, and slaved away, literally cutting out our new life and farm.
See the crazy pictures included in this crazy venture.
Slowly slowly, people could “see” the same dream, and I have to say without incredible clients I would not be where I am today!
So now almost 20 years later, we have 36 stables, tack rooms, arenas, a sand track, incredible out rides, and an awesome yard to call my home!
Living in a shell of a house, with no electricity and running water for 2 years makes this whole dream so worth it. A huge THANK YOU to those that have stuck by me and come along at the right time to grow this incredible yard!
I am now 52 yrs old, I have a flourishing riding school, with 5 instructors. I myself am a level 2 qualified coach in Dressage, Equitation, Showjumping, and Eventing. 36 Stables and currently 43 horses in the yard.
I have an incredible group aiding me daily with this business, but I cannot do it without incredible staff too!
I currently have 4 incredible horses, I have competed at the top level in eventing and even made the team for the World Equestrian Games in 2010.
Fate intervened and along came my daughter, who wishes to ride as well as me!

Meet Cindy

Cindy aka Cinderella, is the lady behind the scenes and right-hand lady to Nikki, who does all the accounts and admin for Thandeka Stables. She started riding again 7 years ago and eventually got her own horse 3 years ago. Cindy also runs her own company Amazeballs Equestrian.